What to Expect

Typical Weekend Sail


1st Night

16.00 - 19.00

Arrive at home port when you can, meet your shipmates and skipper. You'll get a brief familiarisation with your yacht, stow your gear and relax for a bit. You will probably be sharing a cabin with someone of the same sex and this is a good chance to meet your cabinmate. (if you want to share with a friend or pay a supplement to have your own cabin let us now.

19.30 We'll head out together for drinks & dinner. Getting to know you time. Chat with shipmates (and sister shipmates), before we agree upon our individual & group goals for the weekend. We have some great little pubs and restaurants just a short stroll from the yachts. We don't organise fixed menus, preferring to give you the option to choose. Budget £10 - £30, (Depending upon your lushness).

Sailing Destinations - Dingy for a flavour of where we can go and whats there    

We choose where we want to go, based on sailing conditions, crew experience needs & wants etc. We can sail lots or moor early and party - we choose! Great food, live bands, nightclubs and great pubs are available along with some fine sailing.

23.00 With our expectations and anticipations set, it's time to sleep. Maybe just one more for the road?

1st Day

08.00 - The gentle rocking of the yacht in harbour overnight will have set up your sea legs. Shower, breakfast on board, Get waterproofs (if needed). Full safety briefing and risk assessment.

10.00 - You're Away! Get a sailing teach in while exploring the Mecca of sailing - The Solent. You'll learn the ropes doing as much, or as little, as you choose. You'll also get to know your shipmates and skipper, potentially building some meaningful relationships. Most importantly, you'll get to relax and experience the magical sailing atmosphere.

Mast Climb 14.00 - After lunch, at sea, more sailing. Perhaps a swim, a race or other sailing challenge.

Drinks O'Clock - We'll arrive at our first night's destination. What's it to be? Drinks at the pub or on board? Restaurant or BBQ? Dress up or go casual?  Where is the party boat? The options are virtually endless!

24.00 And that's just the 1st Day?

2nd Day

Mast Gazzing Goal to improve on Day 1. You have the picture by now, I trust.

3rd Day

Our finely honed sailing team, with perhaps only the slightest hint of a hangover, sails back to our home port. We aim to be back on shore by around 3 - 4pm, say our goodbyes and promise to meet up on the Facebook to plan our next trip.


What's Included


Luxury yachts (37'-50' depending on group size), safety gear, commercially endorsed, experienced and first aid trained skippers, mooring fees, fuel, heating, dinghy etc.

Breakfast, Lunch, drinks and snacks aboard

Like the whole sailing experience, this is a team activity so we will share the cooking and duties amongst us.


What's Not Included


Evening meals and drinks, taken ashore.

Transfers to/from the marina. We may help arrange for taxi/minibus pickup but you will share this cost.

Sunny sail Foul weather gear. You can rent oilskins (Buget £20). We highly recommend you have appropriate wet weather gear as you will have a much better experience if you are warm and dry.

Drinks and Goodies. We generally suggest putting together a boat kitty for drinks and treats, although there's no obligation to join in if you're sailing on a tight budget. Budget £10-20 per day, depending on crew's drinking prowess and wallet size.