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Offshore Racing (Short - Medium)


Yacht RacingRace time frame 12 - 120 hours per race. For races over 18 hours a watch system will be operated, where some of the crew rest while the others are sailing. During full crew periods, each crew member has a single unique role, typically during starts and finishes its all in chaos. The rest of the time we usually split into two watches that rotate around key roles during a watch. So a watch could consist of:

  • two Helm / Trimmers
  • 1 Trimmer / Pit; and
  • 1 Trimmer / Foredeck

Speed of manoeuvres is important but so is conservation of energy, our aim will be steady well planned and affected manoeuvres that we can rely on being faultless even in the dark or heavy sea's.

Offshore racing can be a lot about endurance. Due to the watch system offshore racing is good for giving people experience of a wide range of positions. One person may conceivably experience elements of every position on the boat in a single race.

The up side of offshore racing is that you may well experience many positions during one race. The down side of off shore is that it can be physically and mentally demanding. Enduring a cold damp race, though no wind to a howling gale for up to five days, sometimes with few other boats around is not every ones idea of fun.


In Shore Racing (Round the Cans)


Inshore Sail RacingRace time frame 1 - 6 hours per race. Often with multiple races per day.
Races are short with everything happening as fast as possible. Seconds can easily cost several positions. In shore racing is a bit like a high speed sprint.

All the crew are generally actively racing all the time. Each member of the crew has a single defined role and remains in that role for the duration of the race.  Ideally people do not change position during an event or a race, inshore racing is good for people who know what they want to do and have some prior experience of sailing.

The up side of inshore racing is generally being ashore at night, it is also generally less mentally demanding and require less heavy weather equipment to participate. The downside is that in some races, some positions can find themselves with little to do but  spend time on the weather rail (learn some good yarns).

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