Sail Racing Roles



Organises boat on boat race tactics and strategy, key areas are starts and wind lanes.



Looks after tidal and weather strategy. Ensures the boat goes in the correct direction to get to the next mark fast. Takes full advantage of the tide and any weather changes. Off shore racing in particular the navigator becomes very important. Downside - One bad call and you wasted nine people's work for days.



Controls the boat's direction, mentally extremely demanding and can be physically demanding.


Main Trimmer

Controls the main sail, this is probably the most physically demanding position on the boat. The main can require almost constant adjustment thought a race.


Trim 1

Fine trim on the head sail, this position requires a good knowledge of head sail trim. It is one of the least beginner friendly positions.


Trim 2

Winch grinder for Trim 1. This is a physically demanding position but is well suited to beginners looking to get into head sail trimming as you are well placed to learn from Trim 1.


Trim 3

A relatively simple but key role assisting Trim 1 and Trim 2 both up and down wind. This is probably the most beginner friendly passions on the boat.



The Pit of a boat is the area around the companion way, typically with two winches and an assortment of clutches, jammers and cleats controlling the halyards and lines.

The position requires a particular mind set - calm, organised and methodical. This is not a physically demanding position but it often has to listen and act on information from multiple people asking for different things all at once.



A physical demanding position. This crew member hoist sails and assists the Foredeck in drops and gybes. Suited to beginners and people looking to learn Foredeck. Mast often performs foredeck duties for one of the watches off shore.



Requires a confined independent person and is not well suited to beginners, unless there is a well experienced Mast. Foredeck is responsible for setting up, gibing and dropping the spinnaker as well as changing head sails